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For Free Advice on Your Document Requirements Contact Images On Line on
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Affordable electronic filing system for Departmental use or the Smaller Business

How long have you dreamed of a fast affordable electronic filing system but held back because of financial constraints or concern over the technology involved? Don't worry because help is here in the shape of an electronic filing system that keeps all of your customers files from whatever source, paper, Microsoft Outlook email (including attachments), Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel in a single location and easily accessible by any of your staff who have your permission. Just imagine no more dungeons; basements or attics full of old files that everyone wants to avoid, no more filing (or misfiling for that matter) - all of your files at your fingertips just where you want them, viewed in a familiar Acrobat window whether they are emails, PDF's or scanned files. Better still it is not a preconfigured system which means you don't have to make compromises on how the system should look and feel, we configure the system to your needs not ours. When you want to find a customer file simply enter the search criteria that you would normally use e.g. "customer name" and all of the records on the system relating to that customer will appear in a list, you then click on the page you want to view and there it is - immediately.

The electronic filing system software will install on one of your existing PC's so even the cost of computer hardware expenditure is kept under control. The system is simple to manage and if you do get into difficulties we are always on the other end of a phone line or would arrange to visit your offices should it be needed. Because it is a web based software application if you choose you are able to view your files wherever you are:- in the office; at home; or even on holiday if you are really keen! You can even view your files on your iPhone or Blackberry should you wish. The system is modular so you buy what you need and the system can grow as your needs dictate. So whilst the electronic system we offer offer may not be the answer to life, the universe and everything, it will solve many day to day organisational issues and help improve your business' efficiency. So don't worry - be happy, give us a call today.

The electronic filing system we offer is a complete system supplied with a single concurrent user licence, this means that one authorised person can use the system at a time. Additional concurrent users can be added as required. Very importantly all the costs quoted include installation, configuration and training charges.

There is even an option to link with an existing database or spreadsheet which can validate the index
fields you use and will also reduce the time taken for this important task.

The software is used by many large corporations; it therefore has the facilities you will need to manage your own filing and archiving requirements in an easy to use affordable package with class leading after sales support that puts you first. There are absolutely no hidden charges.


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