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For Free Advice on Your Document Requirements Contact Images On Line on
01293 541942

Indexing and Document Management

After scanning, document images are indexed and a document management database is designed to meet the individual requirements of each customer. We then host your document data archive on our secure file servers, with firewall protection and allow you secure access to your documents.

All document images and associated index data are backed up, prior to being written to the application output format. These are then stored indefinitely in a secure, controlled environment and will only be accessed upon written request from our customers.

Once documents have been scanned and indexed, Images On Line innovative online document retrieval solution ensures access to archived records 24/7 using internet browser technology, anywhere in the world. Alternatively and or in conjunction with the on-line option, data and documents can be supplied on CD-ROM format with a built in document retrieval license; or even in a native format for integration with third party programmes.

We also offer an affordable electronic Document Management solution. For more information please contact Images On Line or click the following link for Electronic File System.



Compatibility & Integration With Other Document Management Systems

Our leading edge bureau production software allows cross-system compatibility. Integration is possible with a number of leading document management systems, including SAP and other systems to numerous to mention them all by name, together with third party admin programmes with document image capture modules.

If you have an existing document management system and require either a backlog of legacy documents or regular on-going document records to be scanned, a solution is at hand. Contact us with details of your document management system to find out more.


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