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Large Format Scanning

For Free Advice on Your Document Requirements Contact Images On Line on
01293 541942

Do you need a scanning company to assist with document imaging of your large format documents or drawings; for A2 to A0 document scanning or mixed large and smaller format scanning, colour, black and white or greyscale scanning?

Images OnLine can provide scanning for all sorts of large format documents and document sizes, e.g. A0, A1, A2 document and drawing scanning, as well as poster scanning, map scanning, plan scanning and engineering drawing scanning:

  • Large format Scanning of A0, A1, A2 documents

  • Scanning of batches of mixed sized sheets

  • Colour, black & white or greyscale scanning

  • Scan On Demand
  • Posters

  • Maps

  • Plans

  • Engineering drawings

In addition, our leading-edge bureau production software allows cross-system compatibility with a number of top document management systems (including SAP and others too numerous to mention them all by name). Contact us for further details on 01293 541942.

Large Format Production Imaging or Scan-On-Demand

High volume large format production document scanning or scan-on-demand options are available for different applications, each with their own cost benefits. The latest generation of large format production document scanners create high definition document scans, without loss of detail or quality.

Colour and Black & White Large Format Production Imaging

Your large format documents or drawings can now be captured selectively, either as a colour image (for those records with a visual impact, brochures, P.O.Dís, invoices etc) or as black & white monochrome images.

The latest generation of large format production scanners are colour enabled, breaking the barrier of price and performance for colour document scanning. 

The big benefit of colour document scanning is how great the images look, distinguishing between similar tones.  Unlike black and white document scanning there are no contrast compromises that knock out details, particularly useful for maps, diagrams, charts, date stamps, highlighters, colour coding etc. 

Document Image Processing

Document Image Capture

Images OnLineís document scanning service provides for high quality document scans from a wide range of document sizes, thickness and surface quality up to A0 size.

Utilising the latest document scanning and production software technologies we can ensure the final image will be a true reflection of the original.  Our advanced document scanning software enhances quality by automatically adjusting foreground and background dynamically between documents and areas within the same document.  Our industry-leading technology enables us to process documents of varying colours and print density without costly, labour-intensive pre-sorting or re-scanning.

Document Image Cleanup

In addition our advanced production document scanning software provides a number of methods to further enhance the appearance of the original document images, including:

  • Deskew straightens tilted scanned document images, 

  • Despeckle removes random noise (specs) from the original scanned document image,

  • Character Enhancement improves quality of scanned document images, particularly beneficial for hand writing, signatures and dot matrix type fonts on multi-part documents.

Files can also be enhanced digitally and output to microfilm, which is especially useful if your records are mission critical and or require indefinite long term low cost storage, with the full assurance that they will be able to retrieve and view the document data long into the future.

Document Imaging Options

Production Document Scanning

Large format documents and drawings can be scanned in high volume with bar-coded header sheets to provide separation of images for accurate indexing. Barcode technology assists the scanner to automatically start a new document when it reads a bar coded header sheet.

Document Scan-on-demand Facility

For a fraction of the cost of conventional systems, we offer the cost effective document Scan-on-demand Facility.

With this option, documents requested by e-mail, fax or telephone by registered users, are manually retrieved from our extensive hardcopy storage facility. The retrieved documents requested are then scanned and published over our secure website, and made available via a secure password protected internet connection.

From your PC, via any standard internet connection, you are then able to access, view, manipulate, print, fax, export and e-mail the scanned documents 24 hours per day. As this method of document retrieval is password protected access can be restricted to any number or level of staff you wish.


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