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Images On Line

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Tel: 01293 541942


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Collection & Storage of Hardcopy Documents

For Free Advice on Your Document Requirements Contact Images On Line on
01293 541942

How High Does Your Document Storage Company Jump?

Images On Line manage a large well-organised hardcopy paper, microfilm and microfiche document storage and retrieval facility, which has been tailored for fast and efficient service. With Images On Line there is no hierarchy or automated phone systems to drill through when making a request; simply call and spreak to a local member of our staff. 

Store your hardcopy paper, microfilm or microfiche documents, securely and cost-effectively offsite, at our storage facility in Crawley West Sussex. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we aim to ensure we have a high level of personal contact with all our customers. Our policy is to maintain personal contact with our customers at all times.

Document Archive Storage Boxes Available

Images On Line can offer you the opportunity to purchase quality double-skinned, heavy duty cardboard flat-pack document archive storage filing boxes, cost-effectively. If you would like to order our quality cardboard flat-pack document archive storage filing boxes please contact us by email or telephone on:

01293 541942

Document Collection & Management

Our experienced staff will collect your hardcopy documents and files in a mechanised manner at a time and date to suit you.  At this time we are able to catalogue the document records being archived, a spreadsheet detailing the contents is then supplied upon completion.  If you already have an inventory we are able to cross-reference this with the actual records being archived.  Anomalies are documented for further investigation.  All documents are then transported direct to our central document archive facility in Crawley Sussex.

Computerised technology is employed to streamline the collection and document management process, and in doing so reduce costs. On site, our experienced staff will box your document records and log the contents/description using barcode technology to facilitate computer controlled fast and accurate document retrieval.

All document files can be checked against an existing document database. This can be integrated with our own document indexing software, thus ensuring 100% accuracy, together with minimising data entry costs. In addition, an audit can be provided for any missing and or additional document records.

Document Retrieval

Document records are retrieved and delivered guaranteed next day UK wide unless otherwise instructed; in emergency cases we offer a same day delivery service.  Our innovative on-line document retrieval service enables us to deliver digital images of the data and documents you require direct to your desk-top in a matter of minutes, should the need arise. 

Images On Line Document Storage Facility

Our document storage facility is close to Gatwick Airport, with easy access to rail links and the M23. Our modern, secure document storage facility provides easy manual access to document files, in a controlled environment. To ensure your document records are stored in a safe and secure environment we have protected the facility with RedCare surveillance and our compound is fenced-in to prevent unauthorised access out of hours.

Hardcopy document storage is ideal for records where the scanned document image will be used for every day reference, however if long-term document storage is still required for the document originals (legal records etc) our modern document storage facility will satisfy all of your needs.

Our modern purpose designed document storage facility is weatherproof and utilises steel racking to ensure your document records are stored in a sturdy environment.  No document storage boxes (standard size) are stacked more than three high to ensure the original container maintains its inner strength for future transportation.  Computer controlled databases are utilised to maintain up to the minute recognition of a box’s/file’s position at any one time.


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