Comprehensive Document Scanning Services

Images-On-Line delivers high-volume document digitisation, archiving and ongoing access solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

Our extensive capabilities include:

  • Production document scanning services
  • Scan-on-demand services
  • On-site scanning options
  • Microfilm and microfiche digitisation
  • Aperture card scanning
  • Large format scanning (A2-A0)
  • Advanced image enhancement

We offer business document scanning services to a range of sectors, including but not limited to aviation, legal, pharmaceutical, and others.

Scalable Production Scanning

Our latest Kodak Alaris scanners rapidly digitise hundreds of documents by the minute, generating precise digital replicas without quality loss even with large format scanning. 

Robust bureau production software enables:

  • Cross-platform integration with other document management systems
  • Output to diverse applications like Microsoft, SAP, and SAGE
  • High-speed batch processing
  • Post-scan image optimisation

Secure On-Site Scanning Services

For clients with confidential records, we offer convenient on-site scanning to avoid external transmission risks. Our on-site specialists can scan sensitive documents directly at your premises to ensure that you are complying with regulatory restrictions and preventing any information from leaking.

Image Correction and Enhancement

Beyond accurately capturing every detail and nuance of your original files, we apply specialised techniques to further improve scanned images.

  • Auto-straightening of tilted pages
  • Noise removal through despeckle features
  • Character enhancement to boost legibility of handwriting, signatures, and dot-matrix fonts
  • Colour/B&W selectivity optimising visual impact

Our advanced production software can work wonders at making images look clean and distinguished.

Scan-On-Demand Facility

For a fraction of the cost of conventional systems, we offer a cost-effective document scan-on-demand facility.

With this option, documents requested by e-mail, fax, or telephone by registered users, are manually retrieved from our extensive hardcopy storage facility. The retrieved documents are then scanned and published over our secure website and made available via a secure password-protected internet connection.

Large Format Production Imaging

Images-On-Line provides scanning for all sorts of large formats. Whether it be A0, A1, A2, posters, maps, plans, or an engineering drawing, our bespoke service also offers the ability to digitally enhance artwork in readiness for mass production.

Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

Many companies hold large document archives on microfilm or microfiche and often find it cumbersome and problematic to locate and view the documents. Images-On-Line can scan the microfilms to create a digital library with all of the advantages of storing documents electronically. The scanned document images can then be indexed and treated in the same way as scanned paper documents – either via our innovative online retrieval software, hyperlinked CD/DVD-ROMs, or as images to be used in your existing Electronic Document Management (EDM) system.

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