Document Scanning Services

At Images-On-Line, we have extensive experience in all aspects of document scanning and related services.

Do you need a scanning company to assist with your imaging; for standard A4, A3 documents, large format A2 to A0 drawings, smaller formats, colour, black and white or greyscale, book scanning, photo and 35mm slide scanning or microfilm/microfiche/aperture card scanning? We can provide scanning for multiple document types via our award-winning production scanners and management software from Kodak Alaris.

In addition, our leading-edge bureau production software allows cross-system compatibility with a number of document management systems, together with office applications. I.e. Microsoft, SAP & SAGE. We provide document scanning for a wide range of business sectors, including legal, healthcare and aviation scanning services.

Production Document Imaging or Scan-On-Demand

High volume production document scanning or scan-on-demand options are available for different applications, each with its own cost benefits. Our latest-generation Kodak Alaris production scanners create high definition document scans, without loss of detail or quality.

On-Site Scanning

A number of our clients have highly confidential records, meaning restrictions apply to these leaving the premises. Our specialist on-site team can be engaged to move our equipment to your premises to scan such records. Either working in conjunction with your own staff or autonomously, in either case, flexible working hours can be accommodated.

Colour and Black & White Production Document Imaging

Your document records can now be captured selectively, either as a colour image (for those records with a visual impact, brochures, P.O.Ds, invoices etc) or as black & white monochrome images. The latest generation of production document scanners is colour enabled, breaking the barrier of price and performance for colour document scanning.

The big benefit of using colour is how great the Document Image Clean-up images look, distinguishing between similar tones.

In addition, our advanced production software provides a number of methods to further enhance the appearance of the original document images, including:

  • Deskew straightens tilted scanned document images.
  • Despeckle removes random noise (specs) from the original scanned document image.
  • Character Enhancement improves the quality of scanned document images, particularly beneficial for handwriting, signatures and dot-matrix type fonts.

Scan-on-demand Facility

For a fraction of the cost of conventional systems, we offer the cost-effective document scan-on-demand Facility.

With this option, documents requested by e-mail, fax or telephone by registered users, are manually retrieved from our extensive hardcopy storage facility. The retrieved documents are then scanned and published over our secure website, and made available via a secure password-protected internet connection.

Large Format Production Imaging or Scan-On-Demand

Images-On-Line provides scanning for all sorts of large formats e.g. A0, A1, A2 drawings, as well as posters, maps, plans and engineering drawing scanning.

As a bespoke service, we also have the facility to digitally enhance artwork in readiness for mass production output.

Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

Many companies hold large document archives on microfilm or microfiche and often find it cumbersome and problematic to locate and view the documents. Images-On-Line can scan the microfilms to create a digital library with all of the advantages of storing documents electronically. The scanned document images can then be indexed, and treated in the same way as scanned paper documents, via our innovative online retrieval software or via hyperlinked CD/DVD-ROM’s, or as images to be used in your existing Electronic Document Management (EDM) system.

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