Document Shredding & Data Destruction

Confidential Destruction and Recycling

Differing document types and data determine different destruction policies! Upon written confirmation we are able to shred the most security sensitive document records on site at our document storage facility and a member of our staff verifies the data destruction process.  Alternatively, the document records are removed from site and securely destroyed back at the recycling centre; a destruction certificate is then issued for compliance.  In either case you can be sure that your documents are being recycled securely for alternative uses and that you are contributing to the reduction of deforestation and associated climate change. Enjoy peace of mind with our expert document disposal service.

On Site and Off Site Secure Document Shredding

Images-On-Line offer clients secure document destruction, shredding documents, records, and files so that they are unreadable and indistinguishable. We offer an excellent confidential document disposal service and peace of mind that documents are disposed of securely after document shredding.

Your document records, files and data are important to you, as is the information entrusted to you by your customers, employees, clients and patients. Therefore, it is crucial that hardcopy documents are disposed of properly following strict and confidential policies, procedures, and protocol.

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Efficient Secure Recycling and Disposal

Images-On-Line provide for a complete waste recycling, paper recycling and confidential document disposal service. Recycling makes sense because it reduces landfill sites, saves energy and preserves raw materials.

Post Scanning Secure Disposal Option

At the end of each document scanning project, as an option, if required, we can arrange to have the documents shredded for you. We hold the hardcopy document files for up to 6 months (at no charge) to ensure that there are no issues with the electronic document files. Then, after confirming with you, we will shred the documents and files, recycle the paper, and provide a detailed certificate of document destruction.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We can help you meet your GDPR obligations, when you use our confidential shredding services to shred information, ensuring documents are disposed of securely.

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