Hard copy storage with on-demand scanning

Our customer, a large 5 Star hotel in Central London (part of an international chain) with over 150 rooms and various restaurants, bars and leisure facilities in house.  A combination of these facilities generate up to 15 archive boxes per month of various documentation.  These consist of bar receipts, credit card slips, purchase invoices to name just a few.

Space in-house to store these records was becoming critical and Images-On-Line were invited to take a look at the challenge and provide a solution.  Ideally scanning of the records would have been a preferred option, however as the records are infrequently accessed a hybrid solution became the preferred choice.

To summarise we now collect new archival boxes on a regular monthly basis and to accompany these a spreadsheet is forwarded tying the contents of each box to a unique box ref (Barcode).  On the rare occasion (in the region of 2 – 3 times per month) a record is requested the hotel e-mails us with a box ref, together with description of the requested file.  We extract this, scan the relevant file and e-mail a pdf image direct to the hotel.

The accounts team now enjoys the cost effectiveness of hard copy storage knowing they can simply extract a file and have it e-mailed direct to the requester all on the same day.

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