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It is absolutely essential that schools have excellent records that can be easily referred to at all times. Schools that struggle to managing filing and paperwork can have trouble during Ofsted inspections, as well as facing serious challenging in the day to day running of classes and keeping track of students.

GDPR in Education is hot topic, here at Images on Line we undertook a 147 Gap Analysis questionnaire to reach a satisfactory GDPR compliance.  We are able to work with your senior management team to enhance and develop a robust GDPR strategy during the management of any records which might be entrusted with us and construed as being GDPR relevant.

Images-On-Line specialise in all full range of document management services including scanning, storage and shredding. We can simplify the whole process of a school’s document management making it easier to stay on top of records. If you are interested in learning more about the range of services that we can provide, please get in contact with the teamtoday.

Education document management

Schools need to have a firm grip on their documentation in order to manage current students, timetables and teachers, as well as holding onto the information of past students. Strong record keeping is entirely essential to the correct running of a school.

Many schools, however, still manage their documentation in physical copies – especially older files from previous school years. This can get very complicated if you have a system that is partly physical and partly online – not only is this a challenge to manage from admin staff, but it can also take up a great deal of space for rarely used records.

At Images-On-Line we can offer a wide range of services to help schools manage all of their documentation.

Document shredding for schools

It may be the case that your school has a large number of documents that require secure shredding and disposal. Images-On-Line can provide you with a shredding service either on your school premises, or off-site at our own facilities. This can be done in accordance with all data and privacy laws, and you will be issued with a certificate of destruction.

Document scanning and storage

If you are interested in digitising your documentation, we can provide you with scanning services to take all of your paper copies and turn them into digital images. It can be hugely beneficial for a school to have all of its documentation scanned and stored online – not only does it make records easier to find, it can also save a significant amount of physical storage space which can be put to better use.

Images-On-Line can also provide your school with cloud storage for your digital documents. We work with you to find a solution that is perfect for your organisational and administrative purposes.

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Do you provide individual services?

Yes. If you only require document shredding services or document scanning, we can offer our services individually or as a full package. Talk through the range of options with us for more details.

Where do you offer your services?

We work with schools, colleges and educational establishments across the UK.

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